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Gilion’s Quests

Gilion's quests is the quest line for mining. Each quest will progress your ability to mine and craft.

Becoming a miner

Level Required: 0

Items Required: None

Completing this quest is one of the necessary tasks that improves the comfort and convenience of the game. Quest completion grants

  • The ability to fast travel around Kazordoon

  • Ability to fast mine ores just clicking on them while the pickaxe is in your bag

You still can mine with pick rightclick on ore

**Finding Gilion**

Since the use of mine carts is currently unavailable, you need to enter Kazordoon through the tunnel located to the west of the city. This tunnel can be found by following the path heading west from Kazordoon's entrance. Once you reach the tunnel, you can enter it and proceed to enter the city.

Kazordoon enter:

Go to the depot and just follow the map:

Keep moving up until you get to the top of the mountain

Go up twice on the ladders, take the point of interest and them move to the right, where you will find the npc Gilion,

Go up to gillion and say :

  hi - mission - yes

Go down back the way and leave Kazordoon, you will have to enter on a house, on the right on the north entrance of the Kazordoon passage, as shown in the yellow circle, them you go up the ladder and find a Dwarf guard body on the north, with the map to deliver to Gillion

Return to Gillion

say :

  hi - mission - yes

The count includes all types of dwarfs.

When the task is completed, return back to Gillion

Also as reward you get:

  • Primordial pickaxe
  • 35k EXP

Now you can fast mine ores on the map and use the wagons. On the north of Gilion you can find a wagon that send you directly to the other wagons, to go wherever you want on Kazordoon. This is especially relevant for quickly reaching to Trainers on Souls of Elysium


  • West Kazordoon mines have a lot of ores. Buy Primordial axe from NPC and start mining ores while hunting dwarfs. Mining used to enhance items. You can read more about it here
  • Take dwarf task from Leo on Souls of Elysium. They can be performed together

500 Mining Pests

The next part of Gilion's quests is to defeat the monsters that appear while mining.

Player: Hi
Gilion: ... Greeeeeetiiiingssss...
Player: Mission
Gilion: There have been reports of creatures attacking players while mining. 
        We need to put a stop to this. Will you kill 500 of these pests for us?
Player: yes
Gilion: Excellent! Go and slay those beasts! But please stay safe!

Mining a vein has a chance to spawn monsters. Defeat 500 of these monsters to complete the mission.

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