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Mining on Souls of Elysium

Souls of Elysium provides a new and interactive mining system. At start, you'll need to find a proper Pickaxe to mine through the ores you'll find all around the lands of Souls Of Elysium.

Mining is main way of getting material needed for equipment upgrades, it will also provide you with options to craft basic equipment (both on Rookgaard and Mainland), and earn some additional profit.

Mining Pick

Obtained from any tool's shop for 1500 gold pieces, or by completing Gilion's Quest on top of a mountain in Kazordoon (farms area).


Let's go mining. At the start you only have access to copper ore.

Simply right click the pickaxe, and left click the ore.

This can take several attempts, giving you small stones or nothing if you fail. But keep at it, eventually you will get an ore.

Note: Once you've completed Gilion's Quest, you'll be able to directly right click on the ores to mine them.

Ore types

There are different tiers of ores you can mine, based on what mining level you have. Ore Types breakdown:

Ore Type Mining skill
Copper ore 10
Iron ore 20
Coal 25
Gold ore 30
Mithril ore 30
Adamant ore 40
Runite ore 60
Magical ore 70

Where to mine?

But where do I find these ores???


Well, you can find them anywhere and everywhere. The higher tier the ore, the more dangerous a place it may be hiding. Copper ore can be found in plenty of areas accessible to newer players, such as minotaur tower, darashia/ankrahmun desert, or femur hills. Just to name a few.

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