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Souls of Elysium wikia!

Welcome to the SoERPG wikia, here you will be able to learn more about the game. Our Wikia is still in it's infancy, please keep that in mind that by expanding it you help all your fellow players! here to learn how to help us expand Wikia...

QuickStart Guide

Souls of Elysium can be complicated to get into, learn more here for easier start into the realms…

...Read more about fresh start here...

Custom Spawns Location Guide

Souls of Elysium custom spawn locations guide, don't get left behind! Jump into the main action by knowing all the spots right away.

...Read more about Custom Spawns here...


Souls of Elysium expands upon task systems.

With new graphical interface, taking and tracking all tasks is better and simpler than ever.

...Read more about task system here...


Souls of Elysium provides ways to train more easily, through public trainers or spawn-able private ones.

With new graphical interface, taking and tracking all tasks is better and simpler than ever.

...Read more about trainers here...

Leo's Tasks

Souls of Elysium adds unique storyline, search for Leo through Danger Room in every temple.

...Read more about task system here...

Autoloot commands

Souls of Elysium offers custom autoloot feature, check the syntax to never get behind on that quick lootin~'.

...Read more about autoloot system here...

Skull Coins

Souls of Elysium offers new type of currency Skull Coin.

If your character has active premium account, killing Diabolic monsters will yield additional loot: Skull coins. This is additional currency that can be exchanged for goods in Skull Coin Shop in Darashia or Rookgaard.

...Read more about skull coins here...

Cursed Chests

Souls of Elysium brings new system of 'event dungeons' with great risk and great rewards. For a great power comes a great price, Cursed Chests will provide you option of facing waves of strong monsters (depending on tier of Cursed Chest) or selling the location to other players to skip the dangerous part and get some money, so someone else may take on the challange.

...Read more about cursed chests here...


Souls of Elysium provides a new and more interactive fishing system.

Find a fishing bridge and right click on the water with your trusty fishing rod in your backpack.

...Read more about fishing here...


Souls of Elysium provides a completely new mining system.

Buy a mining pick from your favourite local tool dealer, and use it to get new and precious minerals and gems.

...Read more about mining here...

Demonics and diabolics

Souls of Elysium provides a great challenges, demonic and diabolic monsters are one of them.

Face more powerful versions of enemies you know, and slay them for additional rewards and challenge.

...Read more about powerful foes here...

Upgrade & crafting

Souls of Elysium provides new unique ways to expand your character power.

Combine other RPG elements of Souls of Elysium to gain both power and items beyond your imagination.

...Read more about upgrades and crafting here...


Souls of Elysium provides has many new story lines and quests to be discovered.

Explore cities of Old, forgotten ruins and vaults of old and make new friends while fighting the evil.

...Read more about quests here...

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