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Upgrading on Souls of Elysium

Every item that can be equipped (gear, weapons, shield, rings, amulets) that has stats, has a chance to roll with a rarity.

Every piece of equipment has “item level” and it is conditioned by the extra stats it has.

As better stats, better item level. Depending on the rarity and the upgrade (+1,+2,+3,…) its properties (attack / defense in the case of weapons, and armor value in the case of equipment) will be higher than usual.

These items have a higher than normal Ilvl (item level), can be upgraded further, and have attribute slots. Common has 1, Rare 2, Epic 3, and legendary has 4 slots.

Unidentified items

You can also loot ‘unidentified’ items and they will require a scroll of identification to see its true stats and for being able to use that item.

Scrolls of identification can be purchased from Eremo for 5k gold, or looted from demonic/diabolic monsters. Unidentified can be any rarity and upgrade, depending on your luck!!

Slot specific items

Each item slot (not backpack or quiver) has its own set of upgrades it can have. For example, a wand has a rare chance of getting an upgrade for magic level, where melee weapons and distance weapons cannot.

Rarity of items

Rarity will give to your item a plus of attack/def or armor depending on the type Item (melee and distance weapons/ shields/ rest of equipment)

For example, having these items as base:

Normal With rarity
Spike Sword (24 atk) A rare Spike Sword will have 25 attack
Demon Shield (35 def) An Epic demon shield will have 37 def
Knight Legs (arm 8) A Legendary knight legs will have 11 def

Below, we have a table that explains it.

Legendary +3

Rarity of the item will also multiply its base item level

Commonwill plus 25% of item level base to the item.
Rarewill plus 50% of item level base to the item.
Epicwill plus 75% of item level base to the item.
Legendarywill double the base item level to the item.

Also, you will get higher bonus when getting more item level of your gear, it works like this:

AttributesGains depending on item level
Attackevery 25 item lvl gain +1 attack.
Defenseevery 25 item lvl gain +1 defense.
Armorevery 30 item lvl gain +1 armor.
HitChanceevery 40 item lvl gain +1 hitchance.(dist only)


Existing Crystals

Crystal FossilCan be looted as a rare item from bosses, is obtainable as a reward from quests and you can trade 1 for 5 skull coins in skull shop in Darashia.
Crystal ExtractorLooted from demonic / diabolic monster and bosses. They are also needed for crafting gems.
Upgrade CrystalsUsed to raise items to +1, +2, +3,…
Upgrade CatalystCan be obtained from demonic / diabolic monsters, from the skull coin store (located in darashia). With these in your BACKPACK they will prevent your item from breaking while upgrading with upgrade crystals.
Enchantment CrystalsUsing this crystal on an item with an empty slot, will add a random attribute.
Alteration CrystalsRemoves the last attribute on an item.
Cleansing CrystalsUsed to remove ALL attributes from an item. (tip) If you are re-rolling the first attribute on an item, it is better to use these crystals because they are far more common than alteration crystals. It may also be beneficial to hold onto some of these crystals while exploring edron.
Fortune CrystalsUsed to change the value of the last attribute on an item.
Faith CrystalUsed to change the value of ALL attributes on an item. (tip) Similar to the cleansing crystal, these can be used if you only have one attribute on an item and are running low on fortune crystals.

Upgrading items

Some parts of the upgrade system are dependant on each other, one such example is upgrading the items,

Group Types
1Armors Helmets Melee/Distance Weapons Legs Boots
2Amulet Rings
Rarity Group Maximum Upgrade Level
Common 1 +7
Rare 1 +8
Epic 1 +9
Legendary 1 +10
Rarity Group Maximum Upgrade Level
Common 2 +2
Rare 2 +3
Epic 2 +4
Legendary 2 +5

Upgrading Chance Table

Advancement Chance Failing
from 0 to 1 10%
from 1 to 2 20%
from 2 to 3 30%
from 3 to 4 40%
from 5 to 6 50%
Items can be destroyed in process. Use Upgrade Catalyst from here.
from 6 to 7 85%
from 7 to 8 90%
from 8 to 9 95%
from 9 to 10 95%

Doing this, you will raise the item's base stats, and item level. A higher item level means the possible upgrades you can roll will have higher modifiers.

Upgrade Bonus

For each level on your gear you will have:

Stats Per Upgrade Level
Item level +10.
Attack +1.
Defense +1.
Extra defemse +1 (only in shield types).
Armor +1 (only if item has armour type.
Hit Chance +1 (only in distance weapons).

Gem and crystal crafting

Crystals and gems that enhance attributes of equipment can be crafted in the Danger Room.

Every crystal or gem requires 10 crystal fossils along with two certain components, such as different kinds of quartz which can be obtained via the mining skill or ingots crafted from ores, creature products and a cost fee for crafting. A list of craftable gems and their recipe will be displayed below. Craftable crystals:

With these crystal an item's stats and attributes can be enhanced, removed or changed.

Upgrade crystal 1x Crystal Extractror;
1x Aventurine Quartz;
10x Crystal Fossil;
100,000 Gold Coins.
Enchantment crystal 1x Crystal Extractror;
1x Amethyst Quartz;
10x Crystal Fossil;
100,000 Gold Coins.
Alternation crystal 1x Crystal Extractror;
1x Blood Quartz;
10x Crystal Fossil;
100,000 Gold Coins.
Cleansing crystal 1x Crystal Extractror;
1x Dumortierite Quartz;
10x Crystal Fossil;
100,000 Gold Coins.
Faith Crystal 1x Crystal Extractror;
1x Snow Quartz;
10x Crystal Fossil;
200,000 Gold Coins.

Craftable gems

With these gems, which are also obtainable from gem boxes, enhance weapons with specific enchantments.

Life leech chance gem2x Demon Dust;
1x Magic Bar;
10x Crystal Fossil;
200,000 Gold Coins,
Life leech amount gem 2x Demon Dust;
1x Magic Bar;
10x Crystal Fossil;
200,000 Gold Coins,
Critical hit chance gem 1x Sulphurous Stone;
3x Rune Bar;
10x Crystal Fossil;
100,000 Gold Coins.
Critical hit amount gem2x Sulphurous Stone;
1x Rune Bar;
10x Crystal Fossil;
200,000 Gold Coins.
Attack speed gem 2x Petrified Scream;
5x Adamant Bar;
10x Sturdy Fossil;
100,000 Gold Coins.


Upgrade items you plan to keep for long periods of time. Not the first halberd, crossbow, or plate armor you may find.

First thing you do when you have the proper item is to upgrade it with upgrade crystals.

The higher the item level, the higher the rolls on the attributes.

Once the item is upgraded, you will need enchantment crystals.

One at a time, see if it is an attribute you like.

If not, cleansing crystal (or alteration, but cleansings are more common) to erase the attribute and try another enchantment crystal.

When you get the attribute you desire, you may want to roll for a higher value.

Faith or fortune crystals can be used here for the first attribute (only the first attribute, 2nd, 3rd and 4th you need to only use fortune)

When you have landed on the value of the first attribute you want to keep, time to add another enchantment crystal.

Because you do not want to mess up the previous attributes, do NOT use faith or cleansing crystals anymore.

Now you can rinse and repeat until you get the perfect item with the perfect stats.

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