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Skull Coins & Tokens on Souls of Elysium

Souls of Elysium provides three unique currencies: Skull Coins, Hourly Tokens and Raid Tokens.

A skull coin is obtained each time you kill a diabolic creature or upon completion of Cursed Chest. They can be traded in for valuable, rare, and unique rewards in Skull Coin Shop in Darashia.

A hourly token is awarded every online hour your character is logged in for. They can be traded in for valuable, rare, and unique rewards in Hourly Shop Shop in Darashia.

Raid Tokens are dropped by creatures during raids and special events.

Hourly Token Shop

You can acquire Hourly Tokens by having a premium account and achieving a level higher than 20, these tokens can be used in Darashia. You will gain one hourly token every HOUR your character is logged in for, for example:

If you logged in at 12;00 and stayed till 15;24, you will get 2 hourly tokens. If you log out, the timer will be reset. Hourly Tokens can be used to purchase the following items:

Item Description Price
Addon Doll Gives you random outfit. 35
Unique Box Containers Pretty containers in different styles. 10
Unique Backpacks Pretty backpacks in different styles. 5
Secret Agent Tools Multitool for all the tools you'd need. 40
Gem box Contains a random weapon upgrade gem 50
Experience Boost Scroll Contain scroll boosting your EXP gain for 60 minutes. 25

Skull Coins Shop

The skull coin shop is located Southwest of darashia temple/depot.

As seen in the picture below, these are the items and prices you can buy with the skull coins.

Item Description Price
Demonic keyAccess to something special 999
Demonic VialBoosts demonic/diabolic spawn rate 20
Scroll of identification Used to identify unidentified items 10
Gem boxContains a random weapon upgrade gem 30
Item box Contains 1 out of 250 items 10
Crystal fossil Used for upgrading/enchanting items 5
Upgrade catalyst Used to prevent an item from breaking when upgrading5
Crystal extractor Used for upgrading/enchanting items 10

Raid Token Shop

Located in Leo's Enclave, two floors down.

Item Description Price
Eternal Energy Ring Energy Ring that never runs out. 100 Tokens + 1,000,000
Quartz Box Contains a random Quartz. 10 Tokens + 100,000
Great Retro Backpack 100 Tokens
Gold Dice 500 Tokens + 10,000,000
Rarity Upgrade Gem Increases rarity of items from Common → Rare → Epic → Legendary. 50 Tokens + 400,000
Extraction Crystal Extracts gems from a weapon. The weapon is destroyed in the process. 50 Tokens + 2,000,000
Dungeon Token Required for joining dungeons. 5 Tokens + 20,000
Upgrade Crystal Used to raise items to +1, +2, +3,… 50 Tokens + 150,000
Temple Scroll Allows you to teleport to the temple. 5 Tokens + 20,000

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