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Fishing on Souls of Elysium

Souls of Elysium provides a new and semi-interactive fishing system. You start off with a base of 4 repetitions and you will gain 1 more automatic attempt for each 9 fishing levels you gain.

While using a fishing license (see below) it provides an additional +4 to your repetitions.

Fishing will prevent you from logging out, remember NOT need to click the rod first in order to fish, just right click the water. Also while catching fish, you will gain a small amount of experience.

Additionally tiles near fishing will dispel and disable use of invisibility, so to remain unseen you need to move away from the dock tiles near fishing spots.

Fishing will provide you with many different fish offering additional way or regaining health, mana or long lasting hunger solutions. Higher the fishing the more fish you'll catch and you'll be able to progress to higher tier piers for even better rewards.

There's plenty of fish in the sea, they say.


Mana Fish Average Median Min Max
Sea Bass 130.18 135 93 160
Swordfish 78.75 78 60 100
Salmon 34.98 35 23 49
Health Fish Average Median Min Max
Manta Ray 246.57 245.5 207 293
Shark 166.66 165.5 133 205
Pike ? ? ? ?
Rainbow Trout 32.02 32 25 39
Food Fish Amount
Catfish ?
Silver Fish ?


Repetitions are like this: you click the fishing pole on the water to fish, and it fishes X amount of times for you each time you click… where X is the bonus you have gotten up too. Base of 4, +3 while using a fishing license, 1 extra for each 9 fishing levels above level 10.

Why fish?

Well fishing can give you access to some of the higher level fish, which act almost like a stackable health or mana potion, though they are weaker than ones you could buy in the magic shops. You have a small chance of fishing up other rewards as well, as shown below.

Fishing license

A fishing license can be bought on the premium shop, and adds 4 repetitions to fishing. Look in the “scrolls” tab.

Where do I fish?

There are a few spots to take advantage of this new fishing system:

Rookguard [Begginer]

Fishing level

East of rook temple

Thais [Begginer]

Fishing level –

Outside West gate, between city and lighthouse.

Venore [Begginer]

Fishing level –

Out the Northwest exit, then North behind a small building.

Carlin [Begginer]

Fishing level –

Near the magic shop, west to the boat.

Dwarf Bridge [Novice]

Fishing level 25+

East side of the Northern side of the bridge.

Port Hope [Intermediate]

Fishing level 40+

North-Northwest of depot (follow Western coast to the North).

Ankrahmun [Professional]

Fishing level 70+

Exit the Ankrahmun by east gate, then follow the coastline. South-east from mountain pass to Darashia.

Jakundaf Desert [Professional]

Fishing level 70+

Go to Jakundaf Desert, and then follow any rivers around it, till you get to the south-western corner of the desert.

Fisherman Island [Master]

Fishing level 90+

… Pack your favourite rod, get plenty of energy drinks and favourite chips and find out for yourself!

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