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Custom Spawns Location Guide on Souls of Elysium

Souls of Elysium is not only about items and quests, it is the thrill of the hunt that drives us all forwards. Here you will find locations of custom spawns to help you through leveling.

Entrance will be marked by cross-hair.

This page will be expanded in the future, by community. ;)

Black knights/Souleaters/Mutated Bats/Undead Gladiators

Dwarves (all kinds) + Blue Legs Quest


Abominations (elevator access needed)

Vampires, Necromancers, Hydras, Giant spiders


Slave Hunters

Deepest Fibula Dragon Lords/Lava Dragons/Chimeras (Key needed)

Vicious Squires/Vile Grandmasters

Ember Beetles/Fiery Beetles

Bog Raiders/Earth Elementals

Hero Cave

Lava Dragons

Leaf Golems

Falcon Island

Mini-Yalahar (starts at -4)

Ember Beetles/Fiery Beetles

Wyrms/Elder Wyrms

Killer Caimans

Vampire Brides&Viscounts/Wyrms/Grim reapers

Worker Golems/War Golems

Dark Thais (Access Needed)

Giant Cobra

Blue Djinns/Marids/Slave hunters

Mother of Scarabs Lair

The Hive

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